We develop and sell system solutions with which material properties, microorganisms, chemical and biochemical processes can be analysed. For this purpose, we use the advantages of Raman spectroscopy, with which data with high information content can be obtained quickly and without contact. By combining this with AI-based software, an effective tool has been created for a wide range of applications.

With this system, data with high information content can now be obtained contactlessly and efficiently, evaluated more reliably and quickly, and analysis costs can also be reduced. Further advantages for you are:

  • No time-consuming sample preparation, such as the creation of cultures
  • No special statistical knowledge required
  • No additional programming necessary

Use in process analysis technology (PAT)

Optimisation potentials and innovation opportunities become apparent after the first production steps. This makes it possible to guarantee efficient quality assurance and respond to the constantly increasing cost pressure.

Urgently needed by medicine

Raman spectroscopy in combination with machine-learning systems helps to identify life-threatening pathogens and their possible resistances quickly and easily and, for example, to choose the right antibiotic.


"In the case of serious infectious diseases, such as sepsis, treatment depends on the time factor. The current standard diagnostic methods provide reliable results, but we medical professionals need faster and more accurate diagnostic methods in order to treat earlier and in a more targeted manner. Photonic methods are an important tool here".

Prof. Dr. Michael Bauer, Director of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care Medicine at the University Hospital Jena and spokesperson of the Integrated Research and Treatment Centre Sepsis and Sepsis Consequences (Center for Sepsis Control & Care, CSCC)

Our professionally managed cross-sectional methods platform provides scientists, physicians and engineers with powerful tools for high-quality clinical research, improved diagnostics and safer patient care.

We would also be happy to support you with our broad knowledge of Raman technology and its application, especially for complex topics.