The software for data analysis

RAMANMETRIX is a software solution for evaluating Raman spectroscopic data. Through the integration of machine-learning algorithms, it is particularly suitable for the analysis of extensive and complex data sets.

While RAMANMETRIX is primarily optimized for Raman spectroscopy, we have also achieved promising results with other spectroscopic techniques, such as NIR and NMR. We are eager to incorporate RAMANMETRIX for the analytical techniques you are employing as well.

The software provides reliable and robust data analysis with a convenient and simple user interface that allows easy navigation through all necessary data processing steps.


Pre-processing of the Raman spectra

Raman spectra can be imported into the software in all common data formats, such as TXT, CSV, LPE or SPC…

Models included in the software

After the pre-processing steps and optional quality check, it is possible to construct either supervised or unsupervised machine learning models.…

Validation approaches

In the case of supervised models, their accuracy can be verified using two implemented cross-validation approaches: Leave-One-Batch-Out cross-validation; 10-fold cross-validation.…